Construction Steps

 Layout & Excavation

It's the big day. Say goodbye to the
grass where the pool is going because
today is the start of your new inground
swimming pool.

The start of our machine's engine will get the excitement in your family going.


To strengthen the structure of the pool,
reinforcing rebar is meticulously installed to meet your pool's specific
design elements. The crew will then bond the steel cage and inspections will soon follow.


 Shotcrete Shell

We use the strongest and most consistent pneumatically applied concrete mix
available in the area to create your
new inground pool's shell.
We sculpt all of the walls, steps and
features of your inground pool by hand.

 Plumbing & Electrical

Your pool's plumbing will be
installed with detail to allow ease of operation for you. We will set and install the equipment and run all plumbing for the pool's line including any possible water features.
The electrician will follow and wire in the pump, timeclock, light and outlet.

   Tile & Coping

Our skilled masons will precisely install the coping and tile that you have chosen for your pool. We will set and adjust each brick or stone to match the shape and contours of your pool's walls. the tile will then be installed around the water line and on any steps. 


You have many options for the material used for the decking around your pool. Once the layout of the deck is confirmed, the pool area will be graded, the deck area formed, and a base of stone will be installed.
The concrete is then poured and finished by our expert deck crew.


Now that the decks are done your pool is ready for the final step...Plaster!
The interior coat of the pool is hand troweled by our master craftsmen over the entire pool surface. Once the plaster is finished, the pool is ready to be filled with water.


 Fill & Pool School

The pool is filling up as the plaster crews leaves your house. After the pool is filled with water, our professional technician will come out to start the pool equipment and give you "Pool School", explaining how to operate your new pool.

Only one thing left to do...


 Jump In & Enjoy !!!